I went to the hot popular restaurant “Tsunoda Meat LODGE”, so here is a report! It seems to be a steak & hamburg popular spot of Takatsuki

It has been hot, is not it?

I wonder if it will be a rainy season soon, I hate this season personally most. When it is blue somehow , eat delicious items and survive! ! !

Well, today I will show you the restaurant that opened in November 2017 but I could not have a chance to go.

“Tsunoda Meat LODGE” . It is a very popular hamburg restaurant.

Where there was a pasta shop before, it changed as it is now.

It is located in the area where Settsukyo and the natural hot spring Syohuen are located. It looks like the barbecue lodge in the mountain and has good atmosphere.

If you want to eat delicious steak and hamburg in Takatsuki, Go Tsunoda meat

There is “Tsunoda Meat” near Hankyu Ibaraki station in this neighborhood, but at lunch time it is a popular restaurant where you can always make a row in front of the store.

I have been to the Ibaraki store, but Takatsuki store is the first time. The menu seems to be slightly different depending on the store.

By the way, there seems to be no pizza in the Ibaraki store … | д’o) ノ

Takatsuki store also has a big kiln, and you can eat freshly baked pizza

It’s not only steak or hamburg! Tsunoda meet LODGE, where you can also eat pizza, it’s the charm of Takatsuki store!

The day we went was Saturday, weekend.

As we can not make lunch reservations on weekends,    we went to the shop straight, there were some people waiting in front of the shop as well as Ibaraki store.

The good thing about Takatsuki store is that a waiting hut is installed . It’s hot to wait outside in the coming season, so it’s nice to have such a service.

If you write your name and phone number at the reception desk, when your turn has come and you are not there, you will receive a phone call.

I waited for about 15 minutes and went into the store immediately.

The restaurant is fashionable, wood based, excellent atmosphere

Lunch menu is here ↓

I wanted to eat “Tsunoda Meet LODGE” special pizza, but this volume.

This time I ordered 200g of hamburg lunch that is safe.

Since I had eaten the taste of demiglace sauce, this time I ordered “Tsunoda meat LODGE” special, Wagyu beef salted negi hamburg

I haven’t experienced homemade bread, so I chose bread. While waiting for a few minutes, salad, soup and bread has been brought.

Tsunoda Meat’s set bread is cute and tasty

Isn’t  this bread cute ? (♡ ‘艸’ ♡) soft and chewy, pretty tasty.

And the main came!

Tsunoda meat specialty hamburg arrived at last. Looks delicious.

“Because it is Wagyu Beef Hamburg, first of all, please enjoy it without adding any sauce”, said the staff.

So I ate as it is,  I thought I do not need a sauce , it is delicious enough♡ ♡ ♡

Of course the sauce is exquisite, too. By all means, please go eat Wagyu Beef Hamburg,  which is really delicious as it is.

The sweets cafe “HORN FIELD” is on the second floor. Roll cake is recommended

There is a sweets cafe ” HORN FIELD” , the group store, on the second floor of this place, and there seems to be “Tsunooda roll cake”.

Next time I have to go there (* ‘艸 `)

Yoshiko, “ Everyone’s hometown” writer, introduced “Tsunoda meat LODGE”

(* ‘∇ `)ノシ  See you ~ ♪





  1. 御堂筋
  2. あべのHOOP DINING COURT(フープダイニングコート)
  3. 大阪紅葉スポット


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